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People power plan

Over the years I have noticed that most people struggle with back and neck challenges, a lack of energy and not being able to fully relax with all of the consequences. 

Many people are in a permanent fight / flight response which takes a great toll on the body. Since this is permanent, people are often not even aware of it anymore. This fight / flight response can express itself in: muscle tension, poor sleep, feelings of irritation or even dissociation, feelings of panic, negative thought patterns and a constant feeling of being rushed and stressed. A Burn-out can be the final destination.

We do not like to see people suffering unnecessarily like that and we definitely don’t want that for your employees. That is why we have created the People Power program. This interactive online program will give your employees a weekly boost in energy and time in their working day to relax. As a result your employees will experience more inner balance, mental strength and motivation.

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