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People power plan




Employees face the enormous demands placed on them both at work and in their private lifes. On top is there a lot of uncertainty in these recent times. 

That is why most people are in a permanent fight / flight response. 

This takes a great toll on the body and intensely weakens the immune system. Since it is permanent, many people are not even aware of it anymore. This fight / flight response can express itself in: often a mild headache, muscle tension, especially in the shoulders and neck, poor sleep, feelings of irritation, feelings of panic and negative thoughts, not being able to relax anymore. Burnout is often the final destination.

Organizations do their employees and themselves a great service if they take these phenomena seriously by performing preventive maintenance.


This program is especially tailored to your employees needs. Every week we will meet on zoom and I will facilitate half an hour of relaxation. In this program we will work on:

  • Energy building
  • Emotional balance
  • Mental strength
  • Relaxation
  • Physical fitness
  • Muscle relaxation

The People Power program is a combination of very effective soft physical exercises for back pain relief and to build up energy levels with relaxation exercises and the use of mental and emotional tools which can then-after be used forever and easily implemented into their daily lives.

Employees do this at the office or at home via Zoom.

What does this mean for the employees?

  1. Increased immunity, making it less susceptible to disease
  2. More energy to do more with less effort
  3. More relaxation physically, mentally, emotionally, so your employees feel more empowered
  4. More connection with colleagues by doing the program together
  5. Less stress, feelings of panic and worry, so a more pleasant work atmosphere
  6. Because of everything mentioned above, more joy in general and in private life which supports a motivational attitude at work
  7. Prevention of burn-out

What does this mean for the organization?

  1. This program allows people to recharge therefore a more pleasant work atmosphere
  2. People feel more involved in the company
  3. Partially counteract negative effects of working in solitude, at home, elsewhere or on a project
  4. Less absenteeism and production loss through burn-out prevention
  5. Lower healthcare costs
  6. One day less of absence from the workplace will cover the total investment per employee
  7. More productivity because of more energy available to people

The investment

The Dutch research company Tno did a study in 2017 concerning work related stress. In Holland that year 1.3 miljoen people had burn-out symptoms and the costs of absence per person were 8.100euros, according to TNO.

This shows that it pays of to invest in prevention. With only half on hour each week, we can start supporting your employees to feel better consistently, creating the benefits your company is looking for. 

Please contact me to talk more in-depth about a custom made plan for your company.