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Coming back after a burn-out




Coming back

A burn-out is way more then being a bit tired mentally. A lot of physical symptoms come along with it. This has to do with the stress that has build itself up. When we are under stress we create stress hormones. When this stress is experienced for a longer period of time, without properly recharging the body, it can wreak havocalmost all of the body processes.

So the first thing we desire to do is relax the body and become aware when we are in stress modus. Awareness is key here. 

Then we desire to build up the energy levels. This can be done by relaxation exercises and also by simply doing things that make you happy. Sometimes what that is, needs to become known as well.

Then we have to take into account that we never want to go back to this burn-out situation. So at one point we like to have our life back and enjoy and do all that we did before. On the other hand we might be very catious of not doing to much out of protection. This means that a lot of inner conflict can arrive when going back into society.

Going back into sociaty will never be a straight line, but with the right tools, it is way more easy and it gives the employee a boost in self estteem. Now he or she has tools to feel good and prevent it from happening again.

Please contact me to see what I am able to do for your employees.