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“Esther is a very gifted, conscientious healer. Her voice is very relaxing and comforting. Even though I am in the US and she is in France, I could feel her intelligence and power help build a strong, protective energy around me for a sad situation I am going into. I feel strong now to be in this environment with power and relaxation. I highly recommend her sessions. You will benefit greatly and LOVE IT!”
Lorraine Pursell, M.A., North Dakota, USA
Women’s Life-Empowerment and Confidence Coach since 1995 International Bestselling Author, TV and Radio personality

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Esther! I absolutely loved my energy session with you! I wasn’t entirely sure what I was looking for when I signed up, I just knew I felt somewhat ‘off’ and thought it would help me get back in my universal flow. I’m so grateful that you were able to ground me through your techniques. I felt so at ease and congruent at the end of my session. Thank you as well for considering my pregnancy and for helping me stay connected to my baby while expanding my energy at the same time. Light and love! Keep shining!”
Shelly Jouahri, Canada

“I had an energy session with Esther. I found the session to be both relaxing and energizing. Esther clearly knows her field and is experienced in working with energy medicine. She has a very warm and considerate manner and is attentive to the needs of her clients. I would recommend working with Esther if you are in need of a boost or want a shift in clearing energetic patterns that are keeping you stuck.”
Kerry Bray, Transformational Coach. Ireland

“Esther changed my life.

I have never met anyone like Esther. She works with her heart, soul and mind invested in you. She guides from a wealth of experience, thoughtfulness, intelligence creativity and soul, and she has approached and tackled huge blocks in my life with a compassion and empathy that has taken my breath away and has seen me heal and progress in ways I never knew possible.

Esther has opened up incredible avenues to new dreams and hopes in my life and brought a light into my world that lifts me up and shows me happiness, love and beauty.

Thank you Esther, you have changed my life forever.”

Haymisha Frances, France

“I have just had the most amazing skype with Esther. She is an incredible lady who has such a passion for helping people. She is so genuine and such a lovely lady. I really enjoyed our skype – thank you.”
Becki Walker, England

“Esther is a wonderful therapist. She is very approachable and has a calm nature. She has the ability to get to the root of an issue very quickly. I would highly recommend you book in with her to help you evolve and grow.”
Gemma C, Lancashire, England

“Dear Esther, I really really enjoyed our session! You made me feel comfortable and safe from the very first second:). It was like talking to a good friend. You were really present and helped me with your tips and insights. I definitely went out from the session with more than before. I would definitely and without any doubts recommend you !!! Thank you so much for the enriching session!!”
Nadja P, Luxembourg